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What do Mormons believe? Here’s a quick list of a few things that Mormons believe, which are contrary to Scripture and true Christian doctrine.

1. They deny the orthodox definition of the Trinity. They believe that Jesus is literally and physically the son of God(as is Lucifer, and all other humans, angels, and demons), and thus is not God Himself.

2. They believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, and that the Book of Mormon is a second Testament of Christ.

3. They believe and practice Baptism on behalf of the dead.

4. They believe in the existence of many gods, and that God was once a man, and that men can become gods.

These are a few beliefs of Mormonism that have NOT changed over the years. Mormon doctrine/theology is very fluid, and tends to change over the years. Anything that a former prophet or apostle once said(speaking for God they believe) is open to being changed with revelation from a new prophet. Very little is set in their theology.

Obviously, Christian doctrine is vastly different from that of Mormon doctrine, and thus there is no way that one can say that a Mormon is a Christian. We are worlds apart from Mormons, even though there is a small trace of underlying similarities. Don’t be fooled by the cheap counterfeit.


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