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When the Christian faith was still in it’s infancy, the orthodox Jewish religion began a systematic and organized persecution of believers through the Roman empire. The Book of the Acts of the Apostles tells us of these events that were authorized by the Jewish hierarchy.
The Jewish Religion in Israel has begun again persecuting Christians. Just last Thursday, several Jewish students from a religious school gathered and burned hundreds of Bibles and religious materials that were distributed by Christians and Messianic Jews. Link.
The deputy mayor of the town,
Uzi Aharon drove through the town prior to the Bible burning, and called on a loudspeaker for residents in the town to turn over the Bibles and religious materials to students from the religious school. When the students gathered the Bibles and materials, they dumped them in a large pile and then set fire to them. Deputy mayor Aharon stated that he regretted the Bible burning, but that it is Jewish religious law to burn such materials. He then stated “I certainly don’t denounce the burning of the booklets, I denounce those who distributed the booklets.”
But it seems that Aharon has now attempted to do an about face. Link. Aharon originally defended the actions of these students stating that the students were “purging the evil among us.” But now he has stepped back from his original position in light of the intense media scrutiny, stating “We respect all religions as we expect others to respect ours. I am very sorry that the New Testament was burned, we mean it no harm and I’m sorry that we hurt the feelings of others.”
Aharon is clearly quite set against any witnessing being conducted by any religion other than Judaism. He is so set against Christianity, that he drove around town with a loudspeaker telling citizens to turn over the Christian materials given to them to the students. One cannot seriously entertain the notion that this man respects other religions in light of his own actions. He’d do better to hold to his original position without trying to backstep from his obvious hatred of Christianity. Anti-Christian behavior is becoming commonplace in Israel, and this is merely further proof of that fact.


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